Thursday, January 31, 2008

Launching My Website for Writer'sCheat Sheets

Jamie, a friend and computer whiz, assured me last June that we'd have my site up and running in just a few weeks. Somehow little glitches sabataged our efforts, particulary this blooger space, but as of today, everything seems to be working fine on my website, so I'm taking a leap of faith -- and one helluva deep breath -- to officially announce to one and all that my site is up and running. Come visit !


Monday, January 28, 2008


The adage that if anything can go wrong it will, certainly applied to my accessing my blog. By comparison, setting up my Web site,, was easy. Needless to say after a month of trial and errors--and a gazillion error messages--along with some hair-pulling frustrations, the culprit turned out to be "cookies." I didn't know my computer had so many different places to hide cookies. But, thankfully, (fingers crossed on both hands), I can finally get in to this blog and post to it!