Saturday, April 1, 2023

2023 - April - Poetry in your writing?

 April is National Poetry Month. Thirty-one days to investigate and celebrate a type of prose that can enhance fiction and nonfiction. 

With poetry in mind, take a look at this website:

And, in honor of National Poetry Month, I have a challenge for you writers. Go to your WIP (Work in Progress). Find a few long descriptive passages. Turn one or more of them into something succinctly poetic, yet in keeping with the POV-Viewpoint of the narration.

Need an example? How about this improved woodland description from one of my WIPs:

By mid-day, the icy wind lost its breath. The stillness slipped unhindered about the half-naked oaks. My shuffling footsteps now muffled by the feathery, ankle-deep snow . . . 

Poets see things in a different way and condense images into a conciseness that is often envied.

Poetic turns-of-phrases, too, enhance a story. Readers like finding such "little gems."

If you take the challenge, share your findings or share one of your rewrites. You have 31 days to play poet with your words.

Happy Poetry Month!

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