Friday, March 7, 2008

Nominated for Pennwritrs' Meritorious Service Award

Yesterday, I stared blank-minded at the bold print of my name on the 2008 Pennwriters' Meritorious Service Award Candidates list that arrived in the mail. The Meritorious Service Award Committe, which consists of the four most recent Meritorious Service winners, selects the nominees for this, the highest accolade Pennwriters gives. Members then vote for one of the four nominees. I have been a Pennwriter since 1995, having volunteered in many capacities (as contest chair, running the silent auction, being a Penn Pal, being "the pitch guru," and an agent/editor timekeeper). In May, I will have completed my fourth consecutive year as Area 1 Representative. I may not receive the majority vote, but, hey--I can truly say--what an honor it is just to be nominated!

If you're curious about Pennwriters, check out their Web site:

Catherine McLean