Sunday, September 4, 2011

Changing Seasons

This summer has passed all too quickly but it has been a great summer of 4-H and fairs.  As a 4-H leader, I am especially proud of my Kitchen Magicians because three entered the Hershey's Cookie, Brownie, and Bar Baking Contest and at the Cochranton Community Fair they swept the awards by taking first, second, and third.  The first place went to an 8-year old boy who joined the club this February.  Second place went to a girl, her second year in the club, and the third place went to the brother of the first place winner who is a second year 4-Her.  This makes seven kids I've coached to win or take ribbons in a Hershey contest. 

At their 4-HProject Review, all the members of the club took blue ribbons so, for the second straight year, I have all blue-ribbon winning 4-Hers!  Yep, I'm proud of the kids.

However, even I had an astounding season of exhibiting my sewing and crafts at the local fairs.  Every project entered took a ribbon (the first place blue ribbons dominated the cache).   Even more astounding was that after 55 years of exhibiting, I won my first special award--for Best Creative Embellishment of a Garment.  When I saw that yellow checkered ribbon and place-card, I must have stared at it for five minutes before it hit me what I'd done.  This winning project was a Fancy Apron--a Christmas apron.  (See photo) The embellishment, besides the double row of lace, the bias binding, and the silver rickrack, was the elf-hat pocket that matched one of the elf-hats on the material.  I scanned a section of the fabric into my computer, enlarged it to pocket-size, and duplicated the elf-hat in satin, fur, felt, grosgrain ribbon, and added a little gold buckle.

What a great summer this has been.  Yet, summer has waned.  Here it is Labor Day Weekend and I realize I now have to get back to giving workshops for writers, drafting a new novel (a Fantasy Romance), and sewing for next year's fairs.