Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where did the time go?

When I checked my blog tonight, I realized the last posting was in March. I sat back in my task chair, staring at the computer screen asking myself, "where did the time go?" Okay, April was my first online course for writers ("The Project Bible"). I spent the days in front of my computer turning a workshop speech into understandable text, sometimes for eight to ten hours a day. It was an exhausting experience but rewarding helping 27 writers understand how to create a guide that would enable them to produce better stories in less time. Then it was May and 14 hectic days preparing for the Pennwriters' conference in Pittsburgh PA, where I gave a workshop, "The Character Onion." Some 45 people crowded into the room to get the nitty-gritty on characterization. June had family obligations, planting flowers, volunteering to tend the Walker's Garden at nearby Lake Wilhem, and 4-H meetings (I have a cooking 4-H club). At our last baking session, I ended up with an egg facial and a watermelon bath :)) Now I'm making preparations to go on vacation. Which means, I won't be sending out the June edition for the Writers Cheat Sheet "Sampler." Hmm. Looks like my time has been well spent so I think I shall relax and enjoy my holiday. After all, I've got a full summer schedule ahead!