Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August and Fairs

It's August and the first of three community fairs, which I annually exhibit at, has begun--and thus I don't much think about Blogger's Block (which I still have) nor do I care because little writing is going to get done this month.

In looking back over the years, I realized I've been a fair exhibitor in the Home Show buildings of eight different fairs since I was ten years old. I also recall that I exhibited my first sewing project as a 4-Her. In 2010 I'll have shown 25 consecutive years at my local fair. Why do I keep making projects and exhibiting them? Because, obviously, making clothing and home decorations saves money. Okay, mostly because winning is wonderful and I like doing things that get value for the buck. It also means I must seek creative ways to showcase my sewing projects and keep abreast of the new trends in arts and crafts--and home decor. After all, how many different ways can you sew a cobbler's apron so it look fresh and new every year? Or how can you decorate a wreath to make it stand out among the rest without looking gaudy?

Having blue ribbons (and even a grand championship rosette in the baking division) are a nice touch, too, since I'm the 4-H leader of an all baking/cooking 4-H club. I also combine my love of flowers and gardening and have exhibited produce and flower arrangements. Yesterday, my golden Cosmos won a blue ribbon. Dispite so many years of fair-exhibiting, this was the first year I've ever exhibited them. And they were exceptionaly profuse bloomers this year, which enabled me to submit six nearly identical blooms for judging (uniformity is a criteria for judging). Speaking of those Cosmos, I've included a photo I took of ones that are growing outside my kitchen and from which the winning blooms came.


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