Monday, August 10, 2009

Comment on comments

I received a couple comments to my blog entry on "Where did the time go?" regarding there didn't seem to be a place to reply or add comments to something I wrote. Well, I'm not a computer person. I assumed, and rightly so, that there was a way for folks to reply to something I said. Turns out it's that little word "comments" at the very end of my post. Clicking on it brings up a screen with a reply box. Of course, to post also means filling out that "membership" stuff if not already a member with Google. Whether or not I see those comments depends on time, which tends to flee me regularly--and being regular at checking posts or posting to my blog is, well, hit or miss despite my best intentions. Actually, I'd rather write novels and short stories than blog--and currently I'm drafting a 100,000 sci-fi, so time for it trumps blogging.

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