Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Thanks to the winter snows, I only last weekend got to see the movie Avatar.  Cinematographically it was a good movie, story-wise it was disappointing.  Of course, knowing story like I do, I'm a harsher judge than most.  For me there were too many cliches--along with stereotyping of the characters--until I realized that it was a plot driven story, one with a stereotyped theme no less, and not a character-driven one. And plot-driven stories are never as great as character-driven ones.  In my opinion, heroes should be heroic but, in the ending climax of Avatar, the soldier-hero was rescued/saved by the romantic lead.  Or was it the romantic lead was rescued by the heroine?  Then again, just who was supposed to be the protagonist?  That's rather murky.  I will say one thing, if anyone wants to know just how powerfully determined an antagonist should be, this movie's villain showcases it--and he now ranks second on my Villain's list - just under Hannibal Lecter.

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