Thursday, May 26, 2011

To Facebook or Not To Facebook

The question for me over the past couple of years had been: to join Facebook or not to join Facebook.  Oh, I'd listened to the pros and cons but decided it was one more hassle I didn't have time for.  And then I attended the May 2011 Pennwriters conference where just about everyone was abuzz about networking and setting up networks through Linked-In, Facebook, and Twitter.  There were also several workshops on the subject of Internet networking.  So, as of today, I caved and set up a Facebook page.  I even updated my existing Linked-In page.  My intent is to keep the Facebook page for "readers," family, and friends and the Linked-in for my "professional image" as a workshop instructor, speaker, and educator.  As to Twitter?  I'll tackle that one another day.  Now to get around to inviting folks to my Facebook network . . .

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